Full Tarot Readings | 40

This kind of Tarot reading is not timed and is open to unlimited questions. On average, my tarot readings last about an 1hr 30mins.

30-Minute Tarot Readings | 21

This kind of tarot reading lasts for 30mins and is open to unlimited questions within the 30 minutes.

Tea Cup reading | 15

A reading through tea leaves. After you drink your preferred choice of tea provided, I will be able to read the tea leaves that were left behind in the cup.

Spiritual Baths | 30

One gallon of a customized spiritual bath. Made with fresh flowers, roots, oils, herbs, and perfumes. All baths are made fresh by order.

Customized Spiritual work

Spell work is customized to your situation, specially priced by supplies and labor. A consultation is needed before work is prescribed.

Customized Spiritual Colognes | 15+

Spiritual colognes can be used on the person to scent the body, added to mop water for a spiritual wash or used to spiritually clean the home. Aged and made with fresh flowers, roots, oils, herbs and high proofed alcohol.

Home or Business cleansings | 150

This service is for those who are in need of removing an entity or negative energy from the home or business. This can also be customized to bring in love or prosperity into a home or business.  This service includes a gallon of a spiritual bath, a tarot reading in regards to the home, incense,  and advice on how to continue the upkeep of your spiritual hygiene.

Fixed Candles | 10+

Large glass candles can be fixed with the proper oils, herbs, and roots. Candles can be decorated for a  specific working at an extra cost.

Personalized curios and mojo bags | 15+

Such as chicken feet, mojo bags, loaded beauty products, and personalized jewelry. These items are dressed and prayed over.