expectations and etiquette

You have just booked a reading with me, this is great and you are excited! But you may be a bit lost on what to wear or how to pay… Here are some things you will need to know before your appointment with me.

Well, for starters, I do not have a shop! I read from my home. I personally believe something good comes out of something homemade. Not having a shop means you do not have overhead prices packed into your payment. I read in a room dedicated to my spiritual practices. Once you have talked to me and set an appointment, I will then send you my address to my home. Feel free to google map it! Most people do not feel comfortable with knowing their address is on the web. I do feel the same as those people!

My full tarot readings are not timed, and they are open to any questions you may want to ask. The average time a person spends at my house is about 1 hr and 30 mins.  I do not meet in-person for my 30 min tarot readings however if there is a group of people wanting to read themselves, I will do 30 min readings.

When you set an appointment with me and the appointment is for an in-person reading, I will say “Please refrain from wearing black clothing”. Black tends to absorb light and in my personal belief, it attracts negative forces and entities. For your spiritual safety as well as mine, I ask that black is not worn to my readings. White or bright colored clothing is your best option. Dress comfortably, heels may not be the best!
My readings are set up like a conversation, this is why I do not time them. Every person varies, and every person needs different things from me. It is possible that I spend 2-3 hours with you, and yes, payment remains the same. My readings are divided into 6 sections/categories which consist of:

  1.  Main message as to why you come or something that needs to be made a priority. 
  2. Love and relationships
  3. Economics and/or education 
  4. Health 
  5. Friends and family
  6. Any questions you may want the tarot to ask

I use the tarot as my main tool of divination and I will also use pennies for yes and no questions. I do not allow people to touch my cards nor do I allow people to touch my pennies either. Please do not ask to shuffle them. Each practitioner has their method on how they read and I am not excluded from that.
Smoking is permitted in my reading room. Cigars and cigarettes only. Wine is also permitted. Drink Responsibly. Please refrain from being under the influences of drugs when coming to see me as it may prompt spirits to attract to you. This can also happen while intoxicated by alcohol. Again, drink responsibly. Most of my clients are not trained mediums and I wouldn’t want you finding out that you are one while in my home! I do smoke during my readings so if you are sensitive to smoke, please let me know ahead of time.

Also, wear a jacket, it gets cold here!

I accept cash, card and I use cash.app and Venmo. When you pay with card, I will use a Square card reader. If setting an appointment over the phone, you do have the option to pay with the other methods provided or with Paypal. Please do not ask for a discount, that is highly disrespectful since my prices are probably one of the lowest in the Tampa/St. pete area. An untimed reading for $40? That’s pretty low.
Tipping is appreciated, but it is optional.

I accept:
For a list of my services and pricing, please click here.

I do not provide refunds but I am a good sport. If you feel your reading wasn’t that great: SPEAK UP. I will read you again or try my best to rethrow the cards.

Here is the thing about group readings, you may come in a group but I will read you all individually. If you still consider that a group reading, great! Group readings take an average of 3 hrs so be prepared. Again, please do not ask for a discount, that is highly disrespectful. Each person will be charged individually. I am also available for events and parties.

Please rate me on my Yelp page or spread the word! I really love word of mouth advertisement. I do have business cards so just ask! Feel free to text or call me for any updates or to confirm things I have predicted. I really enjoy connecting with my clients.

Overall, my readings are not completely structured and drained with rules but over the years I’ve seen certain things happen and so obviously, I must make a rule about that.